16 Mini Grants Awarded this Fall!!

Awarded Fifteen 2017 Mini Grants to Mora Public School Teachers-Total of $1553.63!

Buddy Reading Rugs (2 sets)  $200.00
EBD Enrichment Package  $100.00
Fine Motor Activities  $100.00
Geoboards and Magnetic Tiles  $100.00
Interactive Projection Camera  $99.99
Magna Tiles  $100.00
Natural Environment Teaching  $100.00
Playmags  $100.00
Playmates and Magnet Blocks  $100.00
Qball Microphone  $100.00
Reading Cushions and Pillows  $100.00
Sports Books  $99.01
Storyworks Magazine  $86.35
Task Cards  $73.28
Tinkertoy & BuilderZ Kits  $95.00

Teacher Mini Grant 
(Classroom teachers only)
Up to $100 for purpose of purchasing creative instructional materials. Applications are accepted July 1st through October 31st.  Mini Grant Form


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