3rd-6th grade students the basics of drones

Drone Club for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders!

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Mr. Gunderson had a great, innovative idea for for his elementary students. He wanted to start a drone club for students in grades 3 through 6 to learn advanced technology, but that is something that is not typically in school budgets. Since it is an innovative learning initiative, the Mora Education embraced his grant request and funded his idea.

  • Drone Club 3rd-6th grade students the basics of drones!
    Drone Club 3rd-6th grade students the basics of drones!

Mr. Gunderson explained, “Students will be able to use Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math to have a hands on learning experience that sparks interest in a new area. They will be able to program, code, fly, and finess the movement of real live drones. This grant may allow them to tap into a new found interest that one day could lead them into a career or field of study!”

“Many STEAM education programs are driven by the demands from industry. In recent years, the demand for skilled drone pilots has dramatically increased, and the need for skilled technicians and programmers has as well. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International estimated over 100,000 new jobs to be created in unmanned aerial vehicles by 2025. With this demand from industry, technology programs need to step up the preparation of students for these opportunities. Not only do students need to learn the skills of flying, they also need to master the skills of programming and computational thinking to solve complex problems.”

“The goal of this project will be to use STEAM to introduce students in grade 3-6 to coding and drones while safely doing so.”

Thanks Reid Gunderson for taking such great care of our students and for introducing them to the possibilities of an exciting future!


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