Grant Review Criteria

Drone Club for 3rd and 5th graders!

When the Grant Review Committee and/or MEF Board are reviewing grants to determine if it should be awarded or not, here’s the criteria that is used.

Grants are reviewed against the following metrics:

1. Need:
A specific and significant need for the project must be identified and that need must be tied to student learning.

2. Innovation:
The project must be innovative. Innovation can be because the project is new to the world, or new to Mora, or simply new to your school or classroom.

3. Broad impact:
Projects that involve teams of teachers or that involve more than one school are viewed favorably.

4. Work plan:
The work plan being proposed is directly related to the need identified.

Yoga grant

We have been doing daily yoga and it is going well! Thanks again to MEF for your support! It has brought energy and fun to my class!

5. Evaluation:
A sound plan to evaluate the project is in place.

6. Budget:
The budget is reasonable and appropriate. The impact on students per dollar spent is high. Projects where funding is shared by several organizations are encouraged.

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