Types of Grants

3rd-6th grade  students the basics of drones

Drone Club 3rd-6th grade students the basics of drones!

The Mora Education Foundation Mission Statement is “To enhance the education of Mora Public School learners by supporting innovative initiatives through the development and application of community resources.” 

Persons eligible to apply for grants:
Mora Public School educators, administrators, other district personnel, parents, student groups (under teacher supervision), and community individuals or organizations (parent/teacher associations, fine arts groups, civic groups, etc.) are all eligible to apply.

There are three different types of grants available to our community. For complete details regarding Eligible Proposals, Funding Limitations, Awarding of Funds, Selection Information, and the Responsibilities of the Applicant please click here.

Teacher Mini Grant (Classroom teachers only)
Up to $100 for purpose of purchasing creative instructional materials. Applications are accepted July 1st through October 31st. 
Click here for the Mini Grant Application Form

Pony Express Grant
This grant is for a great idea costing a total of $1,000 or less. Applications are considered on a monthly basis.
Click here for the Pony Express Grant Application Form

Evaluation Form:
Upon completion of a Pony Express grant a brief evaluation form is to be completed:
Click here for the Pony Express Grant Evaluation Form 

MEF supports the International Vasalopet Student Exchange 2015

2015 Mustang Grant Award Recipient: International Vasaloppet Student Cultural Exchange

Mustang Grant
For large grant requests that involve several months to implement and several resources to accomplish chose the Mustang Grant.
Click here for the Mustang Grant Application Form

Not Sure?
If you are not sure your grant fits the criteria of the Mustang Grant program you may receive guidance from the Grant Committee on how to proceed. Our Grant Committee will respond as soon as possible.
Click here to submit a Letter of Inquiry

Evaluation Form:
When your project has been finalized an evaluation form must be completed. If the grant is not completed within a year, then the Board may request an interim evaluation be completed.
Click here for the Mustang Grant Evaluation Form