Pony Express Grant Evaluation Form

Congratulations! Your mission is accomplished! 

Pony Express Grant recipients are asked to complete a final report/evaluation no later than 30 days after grant funds have been expended or project has been completed.

Your participation helps us determine our effectiveness and allows us to share your story with our donors proving the value of contributing funds to a worthy cause, innovation in education.

Pony Express Mission Accomplished!


Thank you for being an Innovator!

  • Contact Information

  • You may scan any publicity/brochures/photos generated by the project, and attach the files to this form. See "File Upload" section below.

    If you have any additional materials that need to be mailed, please send them to: Mora Education Foundation | Attn: Grant Review Committee | PO Box 323, Mora, MN 55051

  • Upon successful submission you will see a "Success" message displayed. You will also receive an email confirming your submission details.


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